ČOSDAT (Czech Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians)

Celetná 17
110 00 Praha 1

Webové stránky: http://cosdat.idu.cz/
Telefon: 224 809 102
Fax: 224 809 226
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The aim and mission of the organization is to support and advance scenography, theatre architecture, and arts-oriented theory and practice of theatre technicians, and to promote interational cooperation and contacts in this field. The association also serves as the Czech Centre of OISTAT and appoints delegates to its working committees.


  • Daniela Pařízková
    E-mail: daniela.parizkova@divadlo.cz
    Telefon: 224 809 102 , Skype: DanielaPQ
    Fax: 224 809 225