Theatre in Reznicka

Řeznická 17
110 00 Praha 1

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Pokladna: 720 993 787   
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Theatre in Reznicka


  • Yvetta Srbová
  • Lenka Hřebíková
    Mobil: 724 248 917
  • Veronika Šrámová
    Mobil: 720 993 786


A small repertory studio theatre which features a permanent company of collaborating actors. The average number of performances is 23 per month. In addition to classic works, the theatre also focuses on less frequently performed titles and music theatre. Productions often run for more than 5 years. In the 20 years of its history, the alternative theatre became one of the most popular small theatres in Prague. The auditorium offers 80 seats, the theatre has its own rehearsal room. The foyer is suitable for exhibitions of photographs, paintings and graphic art. The theatre premises are also available for company presentations, including the complete organisation of some events.